Central Australian Drag Racing Association
Desert Nationals
ASID Bracket racing is ANDRA Group III, Dial-Your-Own (DYO) Division with a Full Tree Start. Racers individually nominate their Elapsed Times “ET". The “Christmas Tree" starts the slower vehicle first (aka “handicap"), using the difference between the two nominated times. Both racers theoretically cross the finish line at the same time, if each has a perfect run. See “Drag Racing Facts" for more information.

Race cars and bikes are organized into “Brackets" according to the Australian National Drag Racing Association “ANDRA" Rulebook. Brackets group-race vehicles together by their ET and modification level. Drag vehicles seen at ASID range from completely stock, unmodified cars up to 100% purpose built race cars.

CADRA Points Series races include the following ANDRA GP III brackets:

Supercharged Outlaw SC/O SC/S
Dragsters, Funny Cars, Altereds and Sedans with supercharged V8 engines, 1/4 Mile ET 6.50 sec to 7.99 sec.

Modified Eliminator /MA, /MD, /HR, /MR
Dragsters, Funny Cars, Altereds, Hot Rods and Sedans with 1/4 Mile ET 10.99 sec and quicker. Cars in this bracket are the best performance per dollar in all of ANDRA drag racing.

Modified Bike /MB
ANDRA bracket for all bikes from street ridden machines to supercharged competition only bikes, 11.99 ET and quicker.

Super Sedan SS/
Cars & Utes ET 10.99 sec and quicker, from modified street legal vehicles up to full chassis race cars.

Super Street S/ST
Cars & Utes ET 11.00 sec to 12.999 sec. The entry level ANDRA bracket and usually one of the larger groups racing at ASID.

Street Car ST
Cars & Utes 13.00 sec and slower. CADRA created this bracket to encourage racing in a safe, off-street venue – here at ASID! Enter your street car in this economical class and have some fun!

Street Bike /SB
CADRA bracket for unmodified, street ridden bikes.

Junior Dragster
Half scale dragsters. 1/8th Mile competition only. Engines are 4 stroke, single cylinder side-valve engines.

A/JD - For drivers between the ages of 13 and 16 years, limited to ET no Quicker than 7.90 seconds and Top Speed no faster than 89.99 mph (136 kph)

B/JD - For drivers between the ages of 11 and 16 years, limited to ET no Quicker than 8.50 seconds and Top Speed no faster than 80 mph (128 kph)

C/JD - For drivers between the ages of 8 and 10 years, limited to ET no Quicker than 11.90 seconds

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