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General: Competitors and Crew must comply with ANDRA and CADRA official rules and regulations at all times while on the ASID premises
ANDRA or CADRA/ASID Officials reserve the right to disqualify from competition and /or eject from ASID, any competitors, crew and their associates that do not comply with these regulations or official instructions.

Public Relations Release: By entering the Event, the Entrant and Driver/Rider agree to make themselves available to any reasonable request of the Promoter during the event for any press or media exposure, and approve the use of any television footage or still photographs connected with their participation in the event.

Abandonment of Event: CADRA/ASID reserves the right to cancel, postpone, alter or delete (without notice) meetings or events as a result of unsuitable weather conditions, natural disasters, civil disturbance, or other factors beyond their control, Should the meeting be abandoned for whatever reason prior to the commencement of elimination's, no monies or trophies will be awarded. Entry fees will be credited against the next meeting at the track, or refunded at the discretion of CADRA.

Non-Acceptance of Entries: ASID/CADRA reserves the right to refuse any entry and no reason need to be given.

Field Size: Minimum field size to run a Group 2, 3 & 4 ANDRA championship round bracket is six cars or bikes. Minimum field size to run Group 1 is 4 cars or bikes

Licences: All competitors require an ANDRA Drag Racing Licence and must be in possession of a valid ANDRA Drag Racing Licence.

Scrutineering: ANDRA ESP: A minimum of 20 or 10% of all race vehicles must undergo scrutineering prior to their first qualifying pass. All race vehicles presented for scrutineering must be race ready with all items removed from the boot or pick up bed. All documentation and credentials, driving apparel, leathers, helmets, parachutes and other equipment as required by the ANDRA regulations for the class should be available.

ASID/CADRA makes no representation, warranties or assurances that a Safety Audit Inspection including the review of any written information will:
a) Detect any problem with a race vehicle or a driver/rider’s personal equipment or clothing
b) Detect any problem with rule compliance, or
c) Prevent injury, death or property damage.
The competitor agrees that the competitor bears the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of his/her race vehicle and to ensure that they comply with all applicable ANDRA rules. The competitor also agrees that the competitor is in the best position to know about the construction and operation of the competitors race vehicle, equipment and clothing, and whether there has been compliance with all applicable ANDRA rules. All vehicles required to report to scrutineering should be race-ready with licences, membership cards, log books, helmets, fire suits, uniforms, packed parachutes and any other equipment as required under ANDRA rules.

Drivers / Riders Briefing: A Drivers / Riders briefing will be held at the commencement of qualifying and at the beginning of eliminations at the tower. Attendance is compulsory.

Staging Lane Allocation: Staging Lane officials and/or Bracket Marshals will advise staging lane allocations during the event.

In The Hands Of The Starter: The defined point is the start-up box at the head of the staging lanes. Once a racer is called to move forward staging lane they must be prepared to start and race. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed to prepare for the vehicle starting procedure, however failure to start or stalling a vehicle that needs outside assistance to re-start will result in the loss of that qualifier or disqualification in the case of eliminations.

All ANDRA rules apply as per ANDRA rulebook. In order to be a legitimate race winner, a contestant's vehicle must start, stage under its own power and receive the start. This rule also applies to solo runs. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for drivers or riders to stage, with that determination being at the sole and absolute discretion of the Starter. Failure to stage upon the Starter's instructions is possible grounds for disqualification. If a competitor has failed to stage within twenty seconds for Groups 3 & 4 or seven seconds for Group 1 & 2 of his or her opponent being permitted to do so, then that competitor may be adjudged to be "sandbagging", and may initiate the starting sequence, at his/her discretion. Where a venue utilises the auto start system the staging timer is only activated where one competitor is in full stage and the other in pre-stage.

Super Comp: Competition, Super Stock and Super Compact may be posted as one combined bracket of up to 16 vehicles, known as Super Comp Eliminator.

Burnouts: All vehicles are limited to crossing the startline once under power during the burnout procedure. Street tyres not permitted to pass the red line under power during the burnout procedure.
Static burnouts are not permitted anywhere on the venue except on the designated burnout pad and permission from CADRA, ASID or ANDRA

Qualifying: All competitors are required to take part in at least one qualifying session. Competitors not completing a qualifying pass may be seeded at the bottom of the field subject to bracket size.

Seeding: Seeding will take place after completion of qualifying for that eliminator. Once a field has been seeded and the competitors notified, there cannot be any changes. ANDRA rules on seeding, allocation of byes will be observed. Bye runs will be allocated in accordance with the appropriate ANDRA seeding procedure.

Lane Choice: In the first round of racing, lane choice will go to the competitor in each pairing with the higher qualifying position. For subsequent rounds;
Group 1: Lower ET from previous round.
Group 2: In order of, furthest under then closest to ANDRA Class Index.
Group 3: Lower dial in for round in question.
Group 4: Lower ET from previous round, at or over class minimum.
Lane choice must be claimed before competitors are in the hands of the starter.
as per the 2016 ANDRA rulebook.

Eliminations: When your bracket is called over the pit P.A. you will be required to drive up to or as near the start of the stage lane as you can, immediately. Pull to the outside of the lanes so as to allow other drivers that may be required before you to drive through centre lanes. From the start of the Stage Lanes you will be directed into your pairings.

Competition Numbers: All race vehicles must display their competition class and number as required by ANDRA Regulations.

Dial Ins: Dial-in times shall be kept within the ANDRA rules and should be clearly marked on left sides of the vehicle, and may not be altered once the vehicle is in the hands of the Starter.

Dial In Display: Display boards are located above the Starter Hut. It is the responsibility of the driver or crew to check that the dial-in is correct before being in the hands of the starter. Once in the hands of the starter no changes will be made to the dial-in.

Tow Vehicles/Crew: All persons in each tow vehicle must remain inside the confines of the vehicle while moving. Standing up in the rear of utilities, trucks and other like vehicles is not permitted.
Any persons without the appropriate restricted area pass must remain inside the vehicles passenger compartment while in the Restricted Areas. Competitors are requested to limit the number of people in the tow car.
Tow vehicles should proceed to the pick up point along the return road Tow vehicles must give way to race vehicles or race vehicles under tow when on their to pick up a race vehicle. Race vehicles have right of way at all times.

Junior Dragster Crew: As per ANDRA Rule book rulings on Junior Crew.

On Track Breakages: Any competitor who aborts a run due to breakage or suspected equipment failure must pull over to the side of the lane and stop as soon as safely possible to minimise the loss of time due to oil downs or track damage.

Aborted Runs: Competitors should be aware that in the instance of an aborted run the finish line track safety crew will signal you to exit at the finish line gates. Please be aware that there could be crew entering the race track to assist your exit.

Braking Area Priority: Vehicles in the driver’s left lane have priority unless otherwise directed by a track official in the braking area.

Traction Compound: The use of personal traction compound is not permitted.

Trailers: Open trailers must be parked in the area provided as soon as the vehicle and equipment are unloaded. Fully enclosed workshop style trailers and purpose built ramp trucks/buses will be permitted into the Pit Area at the Organizers' discretion.

Warm Up Procedure: At any time a vehicle is running in the Pit Area, ANDRA regulations covering this area must be observed.

Test Runs / Launches: Anyone caught doing test runs or test launches or using/travelling at excessive speed anywhere other than on the designated racing surface will be disqualified from the event.

Oil Filters: All "screw on" type oil filters must be fitted with a retaining device to prevent them coming loose.

Windows: Windows are to be wound up on all vehicles while racing.

Speed Limit: Return road speed limit is 40 kph, the return road in front of the spectator’s area and the pits are 10 kph, except in areas apart from the racing surface, the braking area.

Minibikes / Paddock Conveyances: Children under the age of 16 are forbidden to drive or ride any motorised vehicle apart from Junior Dragsters for which they are properly licensed. Other than cars recognised as track, tender, service, official or race vehicles, only full size two or four wheel motorcycles capable of civil registration or golf buggies will be permitted into any areas of the venue. All vehicles must have operational head and tail light and an audible warning device. The use of "pocket" bikes, non-motorized scooters or other motorized, wheeled devices is prohibited.

Wristbands: Once issued by a CADRA/ASID registration official, wristbands must not be tampered with and if deliberately removed the bearer forfeits all entitlements. Wristbands cannot be retained for the purpose of reuse at a subsequent event. Should such activity be witnessed or reported the bearer and associated competitor and crewmembers will be disqualified from the event.
To enable a damaged wristband to be replaced, the original bearer must present the damaged wristband to CADRA/ASID registration officials. A replacement will not be issued without presentation of the original damaged wristband. All replacements remain at the discretion of the CADRA/ASID registration officials.

Uniforms / Team Presentation: All racing and tender vehicles must be of neat appearance. The CADRA/ASID reserve the right to refuse the participation of any vehicle or crewmember deemed to be of unacceptable standard of presentation.

Power: POWER IS NOT available in the pits. Competitors should bring their own generators if they require power, any extension cords must be tagged, in good condition and must not cross roads.

Shade Structures: DO NOT drive pegs or stakes or otherwise make holes in any sealed surfaces at the ASID facility, weights are available around the pits but in limited supply.

Alcoholic Beverages/Glass For Competitors: ASID is a licensed venue under NT Liquor Licensing regulations. The consumption of alcohol is permitted in the spectator areas, alcohol is not permitted in the Pit/Paddock or restricted areas of the track.

Competitors, Crews and Officials must not consume alcoholic beverages during the meeting, CADRA & ANDRA enforces a zero alcohol level. Immediate disqualification for a period of up to twelve months could result. Prohibited drugs should not be consumed at any time, unless under the supervision of a medical practitioner aware of motor racing participation.

No glass containers (stubbies, bottles, jars etc) are permitted in the Complex area at any time.
Alcohol must remain stored in a vehicle until after the event is completed and ALL racing is finished and the event is completed.

Alcohol is not to be consumed in the Pit Paddock until ALL racing is finished and the event is completed.

Social Media: ASID & CADRA encourages participation in online social media in a positive manner with freedom of expression. The accessible nature of the Internet however, can lend itself to the posting of threatening and derogatory material in the heat of the moment. Once your thoughts and comments are published to the Internet they are visible to the world - and they are permanent. ASID & CADRA takes all cases of threatening and derogatory behavior seriously and will treat online matters as it would real world bullying. Instances of posts not in the best interest will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Serious consequences including a loss of racing privileges may be enforced for those who participate in bringing the ASID & CADRA and its participants into disrepute.

Video Footage: Video or electronic footage gathered from personal cameras is for promotional and individual data gathering purposes only and will not be used for adjudication of rule, result interpretation or evidence in protests.
Electronic footage may be used to assist in an outcome of a protest or tribunal at the sole and absolute discretion of the Steward/ official hearing the protest or the tribunes where part of a tribunal.

All broadcast rights over ASID events including but not limited to terrestrial, satellite, cable television, virtual advertising and multimedia rights where the Internet or any other method are held by ANDRA, CADRA & ASID.

Animals/Pets: Other than registered Guide Dogs accompanying a disabled person, no animals/pets are permitted at ASID on any race day or motor sporting type event. Both the animal and the animal handler/owner will be subject to immediate removal from the ASID venue.

Fireworks: Fireworks are prohibited, unless initiated by licensed practitioners contracted by CADRA/ASID. Discharge of fireworks by any competitor or their crew will result in immediate disqualification and removal from ASID and may be banned from any further events at ASID.

Environmental Protection: ASID occupies environmentally sensitive land that recharges the Alice Springs Town Water Aquifer.

As a condition of racing the NT Government has restrictions on ASID to protect the water supply.

No bulk Fuel & Oils brought on to the site.

Disposal of any fuels, oils, or other liquid / water contaminants at ASID is Strictly Prohibited.

Immediately report all liquid spills to ASID Officials to help assist in your cleanup actions.

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